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My story starts like many others. I just couldn’t find a planner that I could fit all of the details in. There was never enough space to write birthdays in and writing space was just so limited. I wanted a planner that I could write ALL the little details in. So then I could write it out and forget about it. After searching for many years and not being able to find what I was after, I decided to create the ultimate planner that was big and that I didn’t have to miss out on the details. The ultimate planner for those who love writing out all the things!

I have two beautiful children Hunter (10 years) and Willow (8 years) and live in Brisbane, Australia. While raising my family, I knew that my children’s schedules soon became my schedule too! One of the aims of the Plan It Out Planner was to take those appointments from my head and put onto paper and actually see how my week was mapped out. I am a firm believer in “brain dumping” appointments/important tasks and putting them to paper to free up mind space. There’s nothing quite like seeing your week mapped out with pen and paper!

Ronnie & Co is all about my passion for design and producing a quality product that I would love to have on my own desk. The Plan It Out Planner really has been a labour of love in design, in simplicity and in function.

At Ronnie & Co we often talk about writing in non-negotiables into our planners, because it's those  non-negotiables that mean the most to us and that move us forward in building our hopes and dreams.






 But do people even use paper planners anymore? 


I knew that I loved using paper planners, but I wasn’t sure if using paper diaries was still a “thing” (with people obsessed with their phones!). Boy, was I wrong! Paper planners are a really big “thing”! It shows that as much as technology is great, the simple things like putting pen to paper to plan out your week is a therapeutic way to get organised and to stay on track with appointments. As much as it’s great ticking things off your list in your phone, there's nothing better than physically ticking your list with a pen – it really is the simple things!




We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for you!

 Big Love

 Ronnie xx



Based on 234 reviews

Great concept but became a little bit annoying.

Slick, stylish and functional

Love the look.
Love the vertical columns,
Very happy customer.
For improvement… it would be great if it came with an elastic band so I could help keep little notes inside.
Lovely font, not cluttered, feels nice, very classy

Beautiful and Simplistic

I just received my Teal A5 2024 Planner and it is Gorgeous! I love how clean it looks and the layout of the week with the times. Tt will be great to track work, kids activities and life day to day! Its not too big which will be nice compared to other thicker planners I have used in the past. The customer service by Ronnie has been amazing as well. Would highly recommend the planner and company :)

Waiting for the new year to begin!

This is my first Ronnie planner and I can already tell that it will be perfect for my workday.

Other planners have stuff that I just don't use - Ronnie has exactly what I need; no more, no less.

Bring on 2024!

I buy this planner every year. I haven't found one that comes close!

Best diary I have ever used. Makes best use of space with days vertically placed. Ideal for time blocking.
Great quality paper. Beautiful binding. Goal setting, monthly plan and lots of space for notes.
Gorgeous packaging and always a lovely note.
Love it 🩷

The best planner

This is the second year that I have come back to Ronnie & Co for my diary/planner. I must admit I did have a search around….but couldn’t find anything that compared. The paper quality is fantastic and love the layout. Highly recommended

Perfect portable diary. Really happy with the style and design. Great value also.


A couple of years ago my partner put this planner on top of her Christmas wish list. The look on her face when she opened her present was priceless. She uses every page to the fullest.

With such a busy lifestyle, the planner has improved both her’s and my lives by helping us organise our time to the fullest.

Ronnie has always gone above and beyond with their customer service, always replying to my requests promptly.

Thank you so much and I can’t recommend this planner enough.

- Steven

I love the days being vertical, it offers better use of space and makes time blocking super easy. Excellent quality paper and binding. Plenty of space for keeping all the important notes and schedule for all aspects of life. Best diary I have ever found 🩷

Great planner

I love the layout of the planner it’s the perfect design for my busy mind to use. And the new colour is just ‘chefs kiss’. I’m really happy with the quality, the pages are a nice thickness that you don’t have to worry about it being see through when writing with pens, permanent markers or highlighters.
Thanks for the great planner, I’m going to be an organised queen for 2024!!

Love my planner!

I love how clear and easy to use my planner is. Having plenty of space to write helps me feel organised.
Thank you!

Perfect for holding the diary and a few extras!

I love how professional this planner cover looks and feels, and fits the planner perfectly. The pen holder is a real bonus!

My favourite diary!

This is my second year of buying a Ronnie and co planner. Love the colour! And the layout is perfect for adding in all of my work and study commitments.


So excited to use my 2024 planner! Heading into the new year as a new mum and part time uni student so I need to stay organised. The layout of each section is simply elegant and efficient.
It’s a 5/5 from me! This is my new go to planner ⭐️

Everything I want in a planner

Love my new planner! Has everything I want in a planner - lovely week to a view vertical appointment schedule, a month to a view summary page, plus is lovely to use. Thank you, Ronnie & Co.

Great planner

I recently purchased the A5 planner for 2024. I really like this planner because it has just the essentials. The paper thickness is not too thick or thin. There is no bleed through and no ghosting with the markers and pens I have used so far. I love the vertical layout and the width of each column because it is perfect for my functional planner stickers and wide enough to plot information in. The planner has a clean aesthetic look and with the additional purchase of the pen holder it looks very nice. I have bought the planner cover as well to keep it clean as I bring my planner with me everywhere. So far I’m very pleased with my purchase and hopefully after a year it holds up to regular daily use. I have given 4 stars for a great look and layout. I have not given a full 5 stars because I’m not sure how it will hold up to regular use yet but I have a feeling this one will be a winner.

Beautiful Planner stickers!

Such cute and fun stickers. Love the bright pink colour as reminders of those important dates/occasions.

Gorgeous pen loop

Such a great accessory. Perfect match for my planner. Great to keep my pen nice and handy with my planner at all times. Thank-you!

Time to get organised with this awesome A4 2024 Planner!

Fantastic planner! Beautiful teal colour, well thought out layout and high-quality paper. Can't wait to use it! Thank-you Ronnie & Co


So i've always been someone who likes to plan out my day. I honestly think ive bought and used a hundred different planners and nothing compares to this one. ive actually already planned out my 2024 jan and feb it perfect enough space per day, little note section its great honestly love it. My Sister in law is the same as me so i'll be buying her the same one as me i just know shell love it the same way.

So cute

This perfect for the person (me) who us always looking for a pen

Love it

By far the best diary cover on the market, i love the hidden pen holder .