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    Have you ever imagined getting the

    absolute most of out of your day?


    What about feeling like you’ve used your time so well that you can do more important things like hang out with your family, catch up with friends or just have more “me” time?




    My Story


    My story starts off like many products do. Every year I would look for a planner that would suit my lifestyle and scheduling. And year after year, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. So, the idea of the Plan It Out Planner was born.

    I was after a planner that had space for all of the important every day details, a planner that could carry through appointments from morning till night, a planner that didn’t forget weekends were part of the week too, a planner that looked good as well as functional, and a planner that made every day count.

    I have two beautiful children Hunter (8 years) and Willow (6 years) and live in Brisbane, Australia. While raising my family, I knew that my children’s schedules soon become my schedule too. One of the aims of having the Plan It Out Planner was to take those appointments from my head onto paper and actually see how my week looked. I am a firm believer of “brain dumping” appointments/important tasks and putting them onto paper to free up mind space. There is nothing quite like seeing your whole week mapped out with pen and paper.





    My Why?

    Ronnie & Co started not just a planner, but as a way to live a fuller and more productive life. 


    When you track your time, it's amazing just how much more time you have. More time to have more fun, more time for family and more time for making precious memories.

    With us living in such a digital age, sometimes we have missed the simplicity of putting pen to paper. As much as living in a digital world is wonderful, planning with pen and paper just gives more clarity and focus to your day.

    Ronnie & Co is all also about my passion for design and producing a quality product that I would be proud to have on my own desk. The Plan It Out Planner really has been a labour of love in design, in simplicity and function.

    The best feeling in the world to me is when people tell me that using the Plan It Out Planner has made them realise that they really do have more time for the things that matter to them. It really is that simple.


    Plan Out Your Day, Plan Out Your Week, Plan Out Your Life…..


    Big Love


    Ronda xx