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        My "why" is to make every day count......





        My Story


        My story starts like many others. I just couldn’t find a planner that I could fit all of the details in. There was never enough space to write birthdays in and writing space was just so limited. I wanted a planner that I could write ALL the little details in. So then I could write it out and forget about it. After searching for many years and not being able to find what I was after, I decided to create the ultimate planner that was big and that I didn’t have to miss out on the details. The ultimate planner for those who love writing out all the things!

        I have two beautiful children Hunter (10 years) and Willow (8 years) and live in Brisbane, Australia. While raising my family, I knew that my children’s schedules soon became my schedule too! One of the aims of the Plan It Out Planner was to take those appointments from my head and put onto paper and actually see how my week was mapped out. I am a firm believer in “brain dumping” appointments/important tasks and putting them to paper to free up mind space. There’s nothing quite like seeing your week mapped out with pen and paper!

        Ronnie & Co is all about my passion for design and producing a quality product that I would love to have on my own desk. The Plan It Out Planner really has been a labour of love in design, in simplicity and in function.

        At Ronnie & Co we often talk about writing in non-negotiables into our planners, because it's those  non-negotiables that mean the most to us and that move us forward in building our hopes and dreams.






         But do people even use paper planners anymore? 


        I knew that I loved using paper planners, but I wasn’t sure if using paper diaries was still a “thing” (with people obsessed with their phones!). Boy, was I wrong! Paper planners are a really big “thing”! It shows that as much as technology is great, the simple things like putting pen to paper to plan out your week is a therapeutic way to get organised and to stay on track with appointments. As much as it’s great ticking things off your list in your phone, there's nothing better than physically ticking your list with a pen – it really is the simple things!




        We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for you!

         Big Love

         Ronnie xx