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    Australian Diary 2020 A4 and A5 blush


    Planning with Purpose 

    Planning your day with purpose really is a great way to make the most out of all of the available hours in your day. Our never ending to-do-lists overtake our lives and it seems like we just can’t get it all done. That’s where the Ronnie & Co Plan It Out Planner can help you keep a track of your life.

    So, how can you get the most out of you planner?




    Fill It Up. Get Writing

    That’s right. Get everything from your mind and write it all out. All those appointments (big and small) for yourself and your family. Block out work/study/appointments/errands as this takes up a fair amount of time. By doing this, it will give you a sense of how much time you have to make the most out of your day. By using the time blocking method, you really can see at a glance what is achievable in your day. One good way to see how your time is spent is by colour coding your schedule so you get a sense of how your day, week will look. Even if your day doesn’t have appointments in it, it’s a good way to track what you’ve actually done in your day. Setting out your time, will give you more time to do the things you love.





    All Day Events

    Birthdays, anniversaries or all day events can be added in the first space of the Plan It Out Planner. This space was designed for the BIG things that happen in your day that you want to see first up so you don’t miss them. 





    Meal Plan Like A Pro

    Keeping a track of meal prepping is easy with the bottom space in the Plan It Out Planner. Weekly meal planning not only takes the stress out of what to cook at the end of the day, but saves money in the long run.





    Habit trackers

    If meal planning is not your thing, the empty spaces at the end of each day are ready to be used for habit trackers too. Track your hydration, track your work outs, track your goals, track your cleaning schedules, the possibilities are endless . By putting your habits down on paper, you can see how consistent you are and build positive habits into your day.





    Crush your goals

    The idea of including goal setting in the Plan It Out Planner was for you to consider what direction you want your life to take. These goals can be big or small. It’s also a place to write out your thoughts about what matters to you. And the most important thing, take time to reward yourself for achieving that goal. All too often, we focus on the “actions” and don’t take time out to give ourselves a pat on the back for taking the steps to improve ourselves.





    Monthly Focus

    Before the start of every month, a monthly overview is included as a visual reminder that a new month is coming ready to be filled. Sometimes, seeing your life mapped out over a month can be a really big motivator. If you’ve written it down, it’s more likely that your focus will be achieved.






    Getting into the habit of writing your to-do-lists the night before, not only frees your mind, it gets you to visualise what tomorrow will look like. To be intentional with your day. The Action It Note Pad can help you get  your day mapped out. Get your Action It Notepad here.



     Australian Diary 2020 A4 and A5 blush

    Out And About. Get Your Phone to Work

    If you don’t have your Plan It Out Planner with you, just send yourself an email as a reminder to yourself so you can put it in your planner when you get home.





    Space to Create

    Need space to create? The Plan It Out Planner has dot grid pages at the back of it for doing this. No time schedules, no constraints. Just lots of space to jot down your thoughts, mind maps, memories or creations.





    Plan It Out Planner + Action It Notepads =

    Best Friends

    That’s right! They really are best friends. Start accomplishing more by really drilling down into your day by keeping a track of what is needed to be achieved based on your appointments in the Plan It Out Planner. The notepad is broken down into portions of the day, so that your day is more manageable and achievable. Find it here.





    A Fresh Start

    You know what? If your day doesn’t go to plan (and this happens all too often sometimes!). With the Action It Notepad, you can just tear off the page and start with a fresh new page. It’s like pressing re-set on your day.


    We can’t wait to share 2020 with you!